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The Medico-Legal Society of Victoria was established in 1931. The objectives of the society are the promotion of medico-legal knowledge and the fostering of professional and collegiate scholarship and interaction among members of the medical and legal professions. This is achieved by facilitating the exchange of ideas and information at general meetings held about six times per year. Persons of eminence in their field are invited to the meetings to deliver papers of mutual interest to the two professions.


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*Rescheduled Date* Professor John Blaxland

Spycatchers, Protesters and ASIO: A review of the 3-volume history of ASIO project.

Friday June 22nd 2018
Savage Club, Dress: Lounge Suit

Professor John Blaxland is one of the authors of a three-volume history of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) that covers its foundation in 1949 through to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. He will speak about the themes and key observations and about the role of ASIO in countering subversion and Soviet espionage as well as protecting the secrets of Australia and its close ‘five eyes’ partners. This is a story about a key US intelligence partner and its struggles during the Cold War. It is also a story about the security and intelligence function as an arm of government and its place in society. Observations made have resonance for security challenges of today.

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Membership of the Medico-Legal Society of Victoria is open to legally-qualified members of the medical and of the legal professions.

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