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The Medico-Legal Society of Victoria was established in 1931. The objectives of the society are the promotion of medico-legal knowledge and the fostering of professional and collegiate scholarship and interaction among members of the medical and legal professions. This is achieved by facilitating the exchange of ideas and information at general meetings held about six times per year. Persons of eminence in their field are invited to the meetings to deliver papers of mutual interest to the two professions.



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Mr Michael Magazanik

'Silent Shock: the men behind the thalidomide scandal and an Australian family's long road to justice'

Saturday May 6th 2017
Melbourne Club, Dress: Black tie preferred

The baby started to come out. Head first, everything ok. But then I saw that there were no arms. And then no legs. The little girl had only a torso and a head. ‘Silent Shock’ exposes the fifty-year cover up of the most notorious drug ever – the thalidomide scandal killed or damaged up to 15,000 babies across the world. The story details the disaster, exposes the subsequent cover-up and records the heroism of the survivors. It features a German drug company, the inventor of thalidomide, which was so bizarre and brazen that in the aftermath of the disaster it appointed a man convicted of mass murderer at Auschwitz to serve as the chairman of its board. Michael Magazanik was one of Lyn’s lead lawyers and, as a former journalist, he turned to writing the book when the litigation ended.

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Membership of the Medico-Legal Society of Victoria is open to legally-qualified members of the medical and of the legal professions.

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