The Medico-Legal Society of Victoria was established in 1931. The objectives of the society are the promotion of medico-legal knowledge and the fostering of professional and collegiate scholarship and interaction among members of the medical and legal professions.

This is achieved by facilitating the exchange of ideas and information at general meetings held about six times per year. Persons of eminence in their field are invited to the meetings to deliver papers of mutual interest to the two professions. The meetings are held in the evening on a Friday or Saturday and they comprise drinks beforehand, an address and then dinner. The proceedings of the society are published on our website and in bound volumes.

Membership of the Medico-Legal Society of Victoria is open to legally-qualified members of the medical and of the legal professions.

Attendance at the meetings is open to any guest(s) of a member and is actively encouraged.

Membership entitles members attendance at the general meetings, as well as the proceedings of these meetings as published on our website and in bound volumes from time to time.

Members will also have access to contact and professional details of other members of the society to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information amongst them.


Dr Nicole Yap

Ms Emma Topp (Legal)
Dr Nicole Woodrow (Medical)

Legal Secretary:
Mr Ian Rose

Medical Secretary:
Dr Craig Barnett

Dr Glenn Howlett

Committee Members

Ms Elizabeth Tueno
Ms Mary Ann Morgan
Ms Melissa Iskov
Mr Patrick Tehan OAM KC
Mr Stephen Bunce
Mr Morgan McLay (supernumerary)

Dr Maggie Wong
Dr Jeremy Couper
Mr Will Edwards
Prof Chris Bladin
Dr Leslie Fisher

Ms Lee Evans