The Medico-Legal Society of Victoria



1. The Society shall be called the Medico-Legal Society of Victoria.

2. The objects of the Society shall be:

(a) the promotion of medico-legal knowledge in all its aspects;

(b) the fostering of professional and collegiate scholarship and interaction between and among members of the medical and legal professions in Victoria and other places;

(c) facilitating the exchange of ideas and information between and among members of the medical and legal professions and others;

(d) the forging and maintaining of links with other associations and bodies with similar objects in Australia and overseas;

(e) all objects incidental or ancillary to any of the above objects.


3. The Society shall consist of:

(a) legally-qualified members of the medical and of the legal professions, and

(b) such other persons as, in the opinion of the Committee, would be suitable for membership for the Society;

who may be elected to membership in the manner prescribed below for the election of members to the Society.

4. There shall be a roll of members of the Society to be kept by the Secretaries who shall enter therein the name of each member upon his or her election, together with the member’s address.

5. Candidates shall be elected to membership of the Society by the Committee. Each candidate shall be proposed by one member of the Society and seconded by another.

6. The Committee shall have the power to elect the President or any other member of any Society or body having objects similar to or allied with the objects of the Society or any other person whose membership, in the opinion of the Committee, would assist to the attainment of the objects of the Society to be an associate honorary member of the Society.

7. The Secretaries of the Society may give notices to Members of the Society by posting the notices to the respective addresses of Members as recorded from time to time on the roll of Members maintained by the Secretaries.



8. There shall be a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer and two Secretaries of the Society. Unless the Committee otherwise determines, one of the Vice Presidents and one of the Secretaries shall be a member of the medical profession and the other in each case a member of the legal profession, and the Presidency shall alternate between a member of the medical profession and a member of the legal profession.

9. (a) The business, affairs and activities of the Society shall be managed by a Committee of not more than ten ordinary members in addition to the officers referred to in clause 8, who shall be ex officio members of the Committee.

(b) Unless the Committee otherwise decides, as close as is practicable to half of the ordinary members of the Committee shall be members of the medical profession and half shall be members of the legal profession.

(c) Three members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.


10. The officers and Committee members referred to in clauses 6 and 7 above shall be elected by and from the members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting of the Society, and shall hold office for one year, when they shall be eligible for re-election. Any casual vacancy occurring in their numbers can be filled by the Committee but any person so chosen shall hold office only for the unexpired portion of the tenure of the person vacating such office. Subject to this Constitution, the Committee may make such rules about the election of office bearers and Committee members as it considers appropriate.


11. (a) There shall be general meetings of the Society at intervals of approximately 2-3 months on such dates and at such times and places as the Committee shall decide.

(b) There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Society once every calendar year on a date and at a time and place decided by the Committee.

(c) The Committee shall be entitled to impose such charges on members attending meetings as may, in the Committee’s opinion, be reasonably necessary to recover the costs of holding and attending such meetings, including the cost of food and beverages consumed at the meetings.

(d) The proceedings at and conduct of any Meeting of the Society shall be within the control of the President for the time being or such other person as the Committee shall appoint to preside over such Meeting, and questions and comments during discussions at Meetings of the Society shall be limited to three minutes each unless the President or other person presiding, at the request of the majority of members present, extends that time.


12. When requested by fifteen members, the Secretaries shall convene a Special General Meeting of which not less than seven days’ written notice shall be given, specifying the object of such meeting.

13. No provision of this Constitution shall be made, altered, or rescinded except by a majority of those present at a Special or General Meeting of the Society, 30 days written notice having been given to the members of the Society of the proposed alteration or rescission.


14. The annual subscription payable by members of the Society shall be such sum as the Committee shall from time to time determine, and shall be payable on the 1st day of July of each year or such other date as the Committee shall determine.

15. The Committee may terminate the membership of any member whose subscription is twelve months in arrears or who is in arrears of payment of any sum owing in respect of attendance at meetings, and may reinstate any such member who shall pay such arrears.

16. The Treasurer shall present to the Society annually a Balance Sheet and Statement of Affairs.

Revised 2009